by Marita Phillips and Harriet Petherick Bushman

What starts as an ordinary school playground with ordinary teenage tensions, gangs and cliques, takes a sinister turn when two strangers arrive at the school. One is a new girl, with good in her; the other a charismatic street salesman with only bad.

Finn is a dreamer and the school geek.  Apart from his pet mouse, Hercules, his life is lonely.  Then Delphi arrives and the two instantly become friends.

However, their friendship takes a difficult turn and their integrity is then tested by the arrival of the other stranger at the school gates, the Dream Dealer.  Although it might seem he's only selling ice creams, the schools coolest gang soon finds that this Pied Piper sells habits that can ruin your life.

And what is that he has glowing in his Jar...?

To watch an 8 minute pilot from The Chipping Norton Youth Theatre

To hear a selection of the music visit the SYNOPSIS page.                   

A contemporary musical show written for schools and youth theatres,  THE DREAM DEALER is a relatively easy and low-budget production to mount.  It has minimal sets and props and can mostly use children's everyday clothes for costumes.  Three character roles can be played by older children or adults if the director wishes; and the playground groups can grow or shrink to make a cast of anywhere between 11 and 60.

Audio CD, Backing Track, and Education pack available on request. Props also available for hire.